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Spirit Release

Removing Unwanted Spirits The Spirit Release Way

Question and Answers about Spirit Attachments

Q.Can the spirit control me ? some extremely rare cases yes, in the majority of people that have attachments they pick up on what the energy liked or disliked or even what it died from

Q. I have had things unexplainably thrown at me and also get noises in the house  when I am on my own why does this happen.

A. This is due to the build up of negative energy around the spirit it can manipulate the energy to throw or move objects. It is also able to use your aura to travel around the building that you are in at the time

Q I feel as if I am being sexually abused by unseen forces what is it that is causing this to happen

A. This is generally because of the build up of spirit energy and all energy passes through the base chakra which is situated over the genitals.

Q I feel as if my mind is talking to me and telling me to do bad things

A. When ever any energy is stuck in our aura it causes an imbalance to much energy and it affects the brain once removed all bad thoughts should go