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Spirit Release

Removing Unwanted Spirits The Spirit Release Way

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Spirit Release

In all cases is done Remotely  

Earthbound spirits and unwanted energy's can be removed from the client during a session





 For all clients  overseas and uk we accept payment

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Mobile  07940729790


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If you  require the services of  a psychic  clairvoyant

I  can recommend  my friend  Heidi Wells.

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Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951

To comply with the fraudulent mediums act 1951, I would like to remind you as a client the work we perform is "solely for the purpose of entertainment".

To further understand why we have this statement on our website please read the act  click here

Please note that  I do not agree with with the above

Disclaimer: These services are not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

There fore Any person with a condition requiring medical attention should always consult a medical practitioner or doctor.

Trained by the Hickman Academy

Ex Member of the Spirit Release Foundation

Remote Spirit Release

Main Scan  for a Person        price    £150.00

                               Second  scan for a Person   included                               

To scan a property                            £150.00                                                                   

Pricing correct as of august  2017

We do have a special rate for clients that need extra help

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