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Spirit Release

Removing Unwanted Spirits The Spirit Release Way

My name is Brian

I am a medium, psychic healer,reiki practitioner and I have also qualified as SNU spiritualist healer. And I was initially trained by the Hickman academy for spirit release.

When spirit release work is to be done on a normal day i have  two very intuitive mediums that I can work with, we have all been trained in remote spirit release and remote viewing. We prefer to do remote spirit release and remote viewing as we are able to work on people with the minimum of disturbance and travel saving you time and money.

If you visit some one on a one to one basis for spirit release they are likely to want to hypnotise you and then let the spirit energy speak through you to release it,

we do not do this we only do remote spirit release.  

Please continue to look through the site and make your own mind up about remote spirit release, please research it and be sure that this is for you.