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Spirit Release

Removing Unwanted Spirits The Spirit Release Way

Spirit Release   

Spirit Release and Spirit Release Therapy

This the most effective way of dealing with all types of

spirit attachments and spirit possession

Fortunately we do not do Religious style Exorcism,

Neither Casting Out or Banishing of Spirits .

In the past freeing people and places of Earthbound spirits and negative entities was called Exorcism, now it is called Spirit Release


The difference is that Exorcism banished the spirit from the person or the place, it had no compassion for the spirit as it would have been deemed to be evil.

Spirit Release on the other hand has compassion for the spirit as well as for the client. Earthbound spirits are helped into the light and negative entities are either helped into the light or put into the custody of the angels.


Unlike some people who claim to Exorcise or even remove unwanted spirit attachments,

We use the tried and trusted Spirit Release Therapy, it is the method we use to release Spirit entity's from you, the living person.

The Releasement can be done directly with the person wishing the procedure Or It can also be carried out remotely The term remote means that the work can be done from a distance. This is possible because we work in the higher consciousness.

Most of our clients are from various countrys through out the world

Which is why in all cases we use Remote Spirit Release.

Remote Spirit Release healing can also be requested for another person in the same way, as long as you have their best interests at heart and it is always preferable to ask their permission whenever possible. . 

How are Spirits Released?


In the case of Earthbound spirits (lost souls) there is a simple, certain and positive method a dialogue with the attaching lost soul is started which helps to send them to the Light, this helps both, the lost soul and the person he/she is attached to. There are of course, a lot of different types of attachments which will all have a safe and loving method of Releasement. 

How will I know it’s gone?


You may feel a direct shift while the spirit release work is being done, or you may find that over the following days or weeks marked but more subtle changes occur, such as a lightening of mood or an easy letting go of old habits or simply an increase in confidence and well-being.

What is Spirit Release?

Spirit Release is the removal of inappropriate negative energies Otherwise known as Spirit Attachment, Entity Attachment or Possession from an individual or a place. The words spirit release covers a range of terms from Exorcism to Ghost-Busting,  

What is being released? 

Unseen spirit energies that vary from Lost Earthbound spirits - those who are finding it hard to move on, or those that could be trapped by strong emotional ties or unfinished business;

also Demonic Entities I.e black magic, voodoo, jinn's, and there are many other energy's that have been categorised and can be removed  

These are all incarnate energy's that can be removed from people and helped into the light


Remote Spirit Release, Spirit Release Therapy.

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